The International Environment project
This project was started in December of 1998.
There are 15 schools from Japan and 19 schools from Hawaii participating in it.
A record of the measurement of NOx density
The first testings @
Dec. 8th XW' to Dec. 9th

@It was cloudy and windy.

This is in front of Matsubara city hall.
It is located 700m away from our school.
We measured the NOx density in front of a
stationery store situated on the right side of the picture.
The traffic here is relatively heavy. This is due to the fact that it leads straight to Osaka city.

The measurement here was 27.5 ppbday

This is the road which runs from North to
South in Osaka prefecture.

The measurement here was 23 ppbday.

This is our school, Matsubara Daisan JHS.
It is surrounded by many residences and is situated 130m away from the heavy traffic roadway.

The measurement here was 15 .