A Message From the Principal

Greetings to readers of our homepage
from the Principal, Tosirou Kotani.

In our school, we introduce "Education Reform" and "The Study of Human Rights"
by setting up a network with different groups and regions. We also aim at creating
attractive lessons to better improve scholastics. And through our program entitled
"Exploration of Matubara and its Regions",we have produced good welfare services.
In addition we have created various other programs.

For example, our"Go for the Global Citizens" program, has helped us to understand
the differences between many races and cultures in the world and improve our
relationships with them.

Also, like its title hints, our "Sanchu Hello Work" program gives students a chance
to have different working experiences which encourage their dreams and hopes.
It's slogan is "Moving towards making society live together" and it teaches students
how to live as boys, girls and human beings.

In addition, having many chances to meet people in different regions and get to know
them through each program and activity; we have discovered the meaning of human
rights, welfare and volunteerism little by little.
With these programs, we have opened our minds, come to love ourselves and can
consider how to live with regards to our future.

We are pleased to have and build up our relationship through your access to our

Finally, to those people who have opened our Matsubara Dai San Chuggako homepage,
you have given us this oppotunity to learn from each other and exchange ideas from
our hearts.
Thank you.

Principal of Matsubara Daisan JHS 
Takeo Chiyoda

松原第三中学校長 : 千代田 武雄