Anita's Daisan Experience
(short version)
1999 January 8 - March 31

Hello, my name is Anita Lyn Williams. I am from Michigan State in the USA. And in January of 1999 (3rd term) I came to Matsubara Daisan Junior High to teach English with the Japanese teachers of English here. Daisan is the biggest junior high school in Matsubara City with 589 students and 52 teachers, during that term. It was a very busy but exciting three months for me.

At Matsubara Daisan Junior High I did team teaching with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year Japanese Teachers of English (JTE). I usually had meetings with teachers before each class to discuss new teaching plans. All teaching plan formats were generally the same, after my introduction lessons. At the beginning of each lesson the JTE and I did various warm-up English activities based on new, current, or past grammar points and then continued with the text or some grammar practice sheet.

In each class, we did activities that usually involved student group work. For
example, students asked each other questions in their groups; listened and wrote words; and responded to asked questions. Also, we tried role-plays where certain grammar points allowed. But our warm-up activities always involved individual student writing, drawing, or verbal responses. In addition, we also did an USA video quiz and made English commercials in 3rd year classes. Many students were very creative and enjoyed it very much. (To see some of my prints please click the nest button below.)

But most importantly, we tried to get students to enjoy using English.
Because the teachers and I think that if students like English, they will not mind studying it, participate in activities more eagerly and pay more attention in class.

Also, I did various translation work and editing for Daisan and its teachers.
For example, I edited the school's English homepage and registered it with various English search engines. Thus, English speakers can learn about Matsubara Daisan on the Internet. I also helped Daisan students to participate in a bilingual Internet videoconference with other Japanese and USA schools. I edited their speeches and was present during the videoconference to help translate along with Mr. Yoshihiro Hirai, a 2nd year English teacher.

Finally, at Matsubara Daisan, I was able to take part in various non-English activities too. For example, I helped teach and participated in other non-English classes such as social studies and home economics. Also, I took part in soft tennis and drama club activities with 1st and 2nd year students.
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